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Real Estate Egypt

International real estate, land and selected commercial property simply buy & sell.

Large variety of offers from private property owners and internationally active estate agents. From simple cottages to luxury real estate, including land and selected commercial properties in Europe and worldwide.


At this time there are no real estate offers published in this country.

Take the opportunity to advertise now and draw the full attention to your property offer.


Real Estate Egypt - info center

Official Name:Jumhuriyat Misr al-ArabiyaReal Estate Egypt
Capital:Al-Qahirah (Kairo)
Timezone:MEZ +1h
Power, Voltage:220V 50 Hz
Currency:1 Ägypt. Pfund = 100 Piaster
Languages:Arabisch; Handelssprachen: Englisch, Französisch
Largest cities:Kairo, Giseh, Alexandria, Schubra al-Cheima, Port Said, Suez
Neighboring countries:        Gazastreifen, Israel, Libyen, Sudan
Mountain ranges:Jabal Katrina 2637 m
Lakes, seas:Rotes Meer, Mittelmeer
Climate:Wüstenklima; im Norden mach sich das Mittelmeer mildernd bemerkbar. Die Sommermonate von Mai bis Oktober sind heiß und trocken und nachts fallen die Temperaturen ab. Im Winter ist es überwiegend in den Wüstenregionen etwas kühler.
Religions:94 % Muslime, 6 % Christen, Minderheiten von Katholiken, Protestanten, Griechisch-Orthodoxen und Juden
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Real Estate Egypt

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